County Teams

County Team 2016

Rebecca Horner   (Wynyard) - County Champion

Briony Bayles     (Bishop Auckland)

Ella Crang          (Darlington)

Jessica Hall        (Bishop Auckland)

Kitana Hollins     (Wynyard)

Shannon O'Dwyer   (Wynyard)

Louise Richardson   (Durham City)

Alex Stephenson      (Beamish Park)


Stacie Morton      (Hobson)

Alice Jones          (Billingham)

County Team 2015

Jessica Hall County Champion (Bishop Auckland)

Laura Alexander (The Wynyard)     Withdrew because of injury

Briony Bayles ( Bishop Auckland)

Ella Crang  (Darlington)

Kitana Hollins (Ramside)

Rebecca Horner (The Wynyard)     Withdrew because of injury

Alice Jones (Billingham)

Emma Martin ( Whickham)

Natasha Martin ( Beamish Park)

Shannon O'Dwyer ( Hartlepool)

Alexandra Stevenson (Beamish Park)

Rebecca Wooley ( Durham City)


County Team 2014

Jessica Hall (Bishop Auckland) County Champion

Laura Alexander (Wynyard G.C.)

Rebecca Horner (Wynyard G.C.)

Alice Jones (Billingham G.C.)

Natasha Martin (Beamish Park G.C.)

Rebecca McGinley (Wearside G.C.)

Louise Richardson (Durham City G.C.)

Faye Sanderson (Heworth G.C.)


Shannon O'Dwyer (Hartlepool G.C.)

Kitana Hollins (Ramside Hall G.C.)

Hannah Dickinson (Castle Eden G.C.)

County Team Selectors 2014

Mrs Delphine Brady (Captain)

Mrs Christine Mair (Vice Captain)

Mrs Sheila Redshaw (Past Captain)

Mrs Angela Simpson (Bishop Auckland G.C.)

Mrs Louise Richardson (Durham City G.C.)


County Team 2013



Pauline Dobson (South Moor G.C.) County Champion

Laura Alexander (Eaglescliffe G.C.)

Rebecca Horner (Woodham G.C.)

Lesley Jennings (South Moor G.C.)

Alice Jones (Billingham G.C.)

Rebecca McGinley (Durham City G.C.)

Stephanie Peareth (Oakleaf G.C.)

Louise Richardson (Durham City G.C.

Faye Sanderson (Heworth G.C.)


Aimee Goodlad (Castle Eden G.C.)

Susan Naisby (Durham City G.C.)

Rebecca Woolley (Durham City G.C.)

County Team Selectors 2013

Mrs Sheila Redshaw  (Captain)

Mrs Dorothy Harrison (President)

Mrs Delphine Brady (Vice Captain)

Mrs Marion Griffiths (Past Captain)

Mrs Angela Simpson (Bishop Auckland G.C.)


County Team 2012


Pauline Dobson - County Champion 2012 (South Moor)

Laura Alexander (Eaglescliffe)

Marion Burton (Boldon)

Rebecca Horner (Woodham) withdrew

Lesley Jennings (South Moor)

Rebecca McGinley (Garesfield) withdrew due to illness

Stephanie Peareth (Oakleaf)

Louise Richardson (Durham City)

Faye Sanderson (Heworth) (not on team photograph)

Karen Snell (Whickham)

Rebecca Woolley (Durham City)

Non Travelling reserve

Tanya Baxter



County Team Selectors for 2012

Mrs. Sheila Redshaw (Captain)

Mrs. Delphine Brady (Vice Captain)

Mrs. Dorothy Harrison (President)

Mrs. Marion Griffiths (Past Captain)

Mrs. Angela Simpson (Bishop Auckland G. C.)