COVID-19 - Captain's Message

Isn’t it great now courses are open. We are so lucky that we were one of the 1st sports to be allowed to play. Many of the comments from players are that they enjoy the time it takes to play in 2 balls, 3 hours for a round of golf – how good it that! Many saying they don’t want to go back to 5 hour rounds. My club, Hartlepool went from the initial 2 ball to 3 balls which is working extremely well, especially with social distancing. I hope clubs don’t rush too quickly to 4 ball golf or competitions, players seem to be enjoying social golf at the moment. 

Many clubs are experiencing an increase in new members my club being one of them. I believe not letting visitors to play our courses has brought a rise in golfers wanting to become members of clubs. Which seems to be what is happening nationally. Perhaps bringing in new members from other sports such as football, cricket and rugby where they aren’t allowed to play at the moment. Lets hope this continues especially if a round only takes 3 hours, leaving plenty of time in the day for other activities for those who work and with a young family.

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Chris Pascall