COVID-19 - President's Message

Hello again!  We have done the round of messages from the executive and it’s back to my turn.

When I wrote my ‘Presidential Greeting’ for 2020 (see under About) I was hoping for a less hectic year than 2019!  Ha Ha!  I certainly didn’t envisage a complete lock down, no competitions, no matches no golf. There’s only so much knitting and jigsaw puzzles one can do or in my case Wasgij’s.  Have you ever heard of them? No picture just an image of people looking at your final picture.  Hence the name -  jigsaw backwards!!

So here I am twiddling my thumbs, unable to get out apart from trips to the supermarket – which get more frustrating as time goes on. The garden was looking beautiful until the gales came. Fortunately my hanging baskets were still in the greenhouse conditioning and have now made an appearance and are looking good.  I have played only twice since restrictions were lifted as I thought that the younger members were more in need than me.   Everybody is saying what a wonderful job the Greenstaff have done during lockdown, we are all very grateful for their dedication.

Enough about me. The DCLGA committee had a full Zoom meeting last week.  It went surprisingly well.  We had to identify who was speaking otherwise our excellent Secretary Angela wouldn’t know what to put in the minutes.  I am very sad that the season seems to have been lost and as a result our finances will be severely depleted, but that is the case for us all.

It’s not just our competitions that have fallen by the wayside, there are the regional and national ones as well.  I shall really miss County Match Week which I have attended every year since the late 1990’s. It has been a delight and privilege to support our teams over the years.  England Golf have proposed an alternative competition instead of the County Finals in September, but the worries over social distancing and cost, as well as a lot of our girls are stuck in the States, convinced us that it wasn’t worth the agro.

England Golf have now reviewed their guidance as a result of the latest easing of the lockdown and have concluded that it is now possible to play in three and fourballs from Monday 1st June. This should mean that more people will be able to get back out onto the golf course and benefit from the wonderful weather that we are having,

I do hope that you are now enjoying time back on the course and that you are still keeping well.

Diana Elsy