COVID-19 - Treasurer's Message

In my last message on the 22nd May, 8 weeks ago, I said I had just played my first game of golf. Since then we have had a regular itinerary of competitions and medals and it doesn’t feel as though we’ve ever been away! Most weeks we play in 3 balls and social distancing doesn’t appear to cause any disruption other than the occasional ‘dancing’ close to the flag to avoid each other.

Another comment I made from a treasurer’s point of view was how few transactions I had received – well that has changed considerably with payments for the Championship at Hartlepool on Monday (good luck to all) and the Vine trophy at Durham City on Monday 10th August.  Bank transfers have been flooding in, thank you. At the current time, transfers are preferable but cheques are also acceptable.

If we are allowed to hold a raffle at the Vine trophy, I will have a system in place which will only require me to touch any paperwork, however, if you do wish to purchase tickets at £1 each it would be really helpful if you could bring the correct change so that handling cash is kept to a minimum on the day.

It looks as though we are in for some fine weather so enjoy your golf and stay safe and I look forward to seeing you at the Vine Trophy.


Marian Goodyear

Hon Treasurer